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We envision to proffer a platform which enables our users to satisfy their deeds through the medium of internet services.

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With the upcoming milestones, we anticipate to provide a revamped interface in order to improve user's experience with us.


meetyourIT is a group of students from TU Chemnitz, Germany aspiring to be a renowned startup in the near future.We are focused towards creating a workflow system for student projects in the university through Business Process Modeling Notations Technology together with Camunda. This new workflow will be a win win situation for both faculty and students where the query response process will be looked after by the built-in process flow and students will get automated replies from the system rather than waiting for a faculty to reply to their queries.

Enter Worksoft Workflows©


MeetyourIT started as a mess of batchmates of TU Chemnitz, endeavouring to deliver an innovative business to IT in a form of Planspiel project. The cluster believes that the quality can be taken to pinnacle not only on the basis of hard work but also incorporates the attitude towards the market and the way we entertain our clients.

  • Vision

    Bringing in the existence of a pre-eminent path to quality, innovation and success by offering a gem to the IT world.

  • Mission

    With the rapid technology changes in IT, every problem statement is hurrying to find an impeccable solution. MeetyourIT exerts to bring the best among all. We provide solutions considering the extent of your wait and look forward to attain the standard that you dream of.

  • Values

    Integrity - We maintain the uprightness of the work, even after knowing that others might not even know what you did.

    Creativity - Innovation is something that keeps you alive and makes you noteworthy in all.

    Passion - A famous quote states "Don't stop , until you are proud". We believe in it and work for it

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